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Recharge Visits

Asking for Help Is A Natural Part of Recovery

Anyone who has suffered from addiction or behavioral health disorders knows that recovery is a work in progress. It’s natural and expected to need a helping hand along the way. To this end, Ocean Drive alumni are always invited to seek support, inspiration, and renewal during recharge visits.

What is a recharge visit

Recharge visits are short-term opportunities for clients to continue processing recovery 
after initial treatment. During recharge visits, clients participate as guests in the same group
and individual interventions as current Ocean Drive clients.

In keeping with our care philosophy, Recharge treatment plans are tailored to each individual's
current circumstances and needs.

How to schedule
a recharge visit

Alumni can work with us to schedule recharge visits. Recharge duration is flexible,
but we typically recommend three to five day visits.

Recharge visits are not included in the price of Continuing Care services.

Why recharge

Clients and family members don't have to relapse in order to recharge at Ocean Drive.
Rather, the clinical team may incorporate recharge visits into Continuing Care plans
or recommend it in cases of relapse. Whatever the clinical impetus for recharge may be,
we embrace opportunities to support recovery and inspire alumni to keep growing.